Tempo v1.0

Tempo is now available in the App Store. If you run with your Apple Watch, please do check it out.

You can read Tempo’s story here. To celebrate the launch, here are some more fun facts that I edited out of the original story,

  • I sketched up Tempo’s original screen last year, during a sleepy morning, while staying up with my newborn. It was probably around 5am.
  • That sort of got me into sketching habit during early mornings. Most of them now are before my long runs on the weekends.
  • Many Tempo features have been devised during miles and miles of training on Newton hills and other parts of Boston marathon course along Comm. Ave.
  • During its initial prototyping phase, Tempo was called Runlog.
  • Tempo has been my only running log for my last 2 marathon training cycles.
  • I have been building it for almost a year; crafting it slowly and carefully as my go to running log. As I have said before, I love running and building software, and building Tempo is now my favorite way to do enjoy both!
  • Tempo is the very first project launched under Indie Computing Labs, LLC.